For the Media

Please contact [email protected] with any media-related inquiries.

CEO offers experts on a range of criminal justice and workforce development topics that can also be coordinated through the above contact:

  • Transitional employment
  • Skills training for the people who were formerly incarcerated
  • General criminal justice statistics and policies
  • Program evaluation
  • Non-profit performance management
  • State and local government budgets
  • Program replication

A Note on Words and Their Meaning

At CEO, we believe that words matter, especially when it comes to how we talk about people. Sometimes people describe CEO’s clients using words like: ex-cons, convicts, ex-inmates, ex-offenders, felons, or ex-prisoners. We believe our participants' criminal convictions should not define who they are and that they should be able to move forward positively in their lives. As an alternative, we suggest using a phrase such as “individuals who were formerly incarcerated” to describe someone who has returned home from prison.