Oakland, CA

Bill Heiser
Senior Director, CA Strategic Initiatives

Lonnie Tuck
Alameda County Director

In August 2011 CEO opened its first California office in Oakland. Working in partnership with the California Department of Corrections, CalTrans, the City of Oakland, and REDF (formerly the Roberts Enterprise Development Fund) this project replicated all aspects of CEO’s proven employment reentry model.

Initially serving roughly 150 Oakland parolees a year, the office has grown to become CEO’s largest outside of New York City. The office has also become one of CEO’s top performers, and is on pace to make nearly 200 full-time job placements this year. With such strong operations, CEO Oakland will be working to innovate and enhance its services in the Bay Area to achieve even greater impact in the years to come.

Phone: 510-251-2240
Fax: 510-228-4163

464 7th Street
Oakland, CA 94607

Bay Area Impact Challenge - Badge winner