Executive Team

Sam Schaeffer

Chief Executive Officer
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Samra Haider

Executive Director of Programs & Chief Strategy Officer
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Christopher Watler

Chief External Affairs Officer
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Panagiota Mahendru

Chief Financial Officer
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Yuri Okumura

Director, Legal and Compliance
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Bill Heiser

Senior Director, State Policy
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Emily Hackworth

Chief Operating Officer
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Senior Leadership Team 

Meenal Aggarwal

Senior Director, Financial Analysis and Planning

Rebecca Atkinson

Regional Director, Southern Region

Mary Bedeau

Deputy Executive Director, New York

Ashley Blake

Regional Director, Mid-West

Jonathan Bonaiuto

National Director of Sales

Derick Bowers

Director, Social Enterprise NYC

Cynthia Brackett

Senior Director, NYC Vocational Services

Jessica Centeno

Deputy Executive Director, New York

Ashley Cheng

Manager, Inclusive Experience

Ryan Conroy

Director, Participant Engagement & Support

Kelly Doyle

Deputy Executive Director, Midwest and Central Regions

Thailia Elcock-Bowen

Director, Employee Relations

Robert Garcia


Sarah Glenn-Leistikow

Deputy Executive Director, California

Valerie Greenhagen

Regional Director, Central Region

Amber Greenleaf

Senior Director, Employee Experience

Sharon Hang

Assistant General Counsel

Christina Johnson

Regional Director, Northern California

Christine Kidd

National Director, Program Innovation

Pamela Lachman

Director, Strategic State Initiatives

KaShonda Lawson

Regional Director, Northern California

Alicia Lewis

Director, Strategic State Initiatives

Patience Lewis-Walker

Deputy Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic Region & Southern Regions

Amy Mendoza

Director, Social Enterprise Training & Quality

Ayanna Teesdale

Director, Payroll

Johanna Vespe

National Director, Quality Assurance

Pat Viklund

Director, Launch and Training

Eric Walker

Chief Information Officer

Aaron Walling

Regional Director, Southern California

Jacqueline Weinberger

Regional Director, Mid-Atlantic Region

Ahmed Whitt

Director, Learning and Evaluation

Dane Worthington

Director, Economic Opportunity