Transitional Work Benefits

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Year round in all weather, CEO has over 250 participants each day working to create cleaner and more efficient communities. From clearing the streets after a snow blizzard to keeping the state’s courthouses and colleges spotless and pristine, CEO’s participants are hardworking individuals eager to be a part of positive changes in their community.

CEO currently operates 35-40 crews, ranging in size from 5-9 participants. Most Transitional Work Partners have been customers for 10+ years and rely on CEO for the orderly functioning of their supplemental maintenance services.

CEO’s upstate offices, located in Albany, Buffalo, and Rochester also provide Transitional Job sites for CEO participants.


The Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire State Plaza, Albany’s Transitional job site, includes both day and night hours. The average CEO crew size ranges from 6-8 participants. Their responsibilities include cleaning the floors, glass, brass, facilities, the EGG (Performance Arts Center) and a local TV station. Outdoor responsibilities include snow removal and cleaning vehicles and, in nice weather, weeding, pruning, sweeping, cleaning and painting.


Serving the Buffalo area, CEO Transitional Job sites give participants the chance to work either day or night hours at two sites.

Buffalo Olmsted Parks

The CEO crews assist in maintaining and beautifying over 1,200 acres of historic parkland and parkways which the Olmsted Park manages. More than one million people use Buffalo’s historic, award-winning Olmsted Park System annually for recreation, relaxation and rejuvenation. Buffalo’s Olmsted System includes the popular urban green spaces: Cazenovia Park, Delaware Park, Front Park, Martin Luther King, Jr., Park, Riverside Park and South Park as well as their adjoining parkways and circles which weave throughout the city of Buffalo. The parks were designed by America’s first landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted more than 135 years ago. Olmsted designed parks in nearly every major city in the country. However, his work in Buffalo—the first park and parkway system designed and built in the U.S.— is considered his very best.

City of Buffalo Mayor’s Impact Team

The CEO crew with the City of Buffalo responds to calls to the Mayor’s Impact Team 311 resident complaint line. In addition to responding to residents’ needs, CEO crews participate on all City of Buffalo Clean Sweeps and assist in managing over 17,000 vacant properties in the City of Buffalo. The City of Buffalo 311 Call and Resolution Center’s mission is to provide its citizens with access to city services, city information and non-emergency police services with the highest possible levels of customer service and satisfaction. Our 311 Call Center strives to help City agencies provide efficient service delivery by allowing them to focus on their core missions and manage workloads efficiently, while providing insight into the needs of residents and ensuring that accurate and consistent services are delivered citywide to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Buffalo.


Serving the Rochester area, CEO work crews provide services for the Monroe County Parks Department. CEO Rochester opened its doors in June of 2010 and  has the capacity to serve 150 individuals a year. Participants meet at the CEO office at 7:30am, where they take a bus to the site. From there they may be instructed to go to a different location.