Training & Consulting

CEO regularly works with employers, service providers, funders and government agencies who are interested in advancing the field of reentry employment. 

 Our staff is composed of experts in the field ranging from direct service providers to justice reform thought leaders. We are always interested in finding partners for whom we can provide effective support.

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What type of training and consulting does CEO provide?

Supporting employers to effectively pursue their inclusive hiring goals.

Equipping employers already hiring justice-involved individuals to advance their work and social impact.

Improving service providers' ability to successfully serve justice-involved individuals.

Provide convening, facilitation services and site visits for employment-focused community justice initiatives.

Sample Training Topics

Mobilizing Employers to Effectively Hire, Support and Retain Employees

Companies often struggle to meet their labor needs or pay a high price for employee turnover, and justice-involved people. 75% of managers and HR professionals state that individuals with criminal records provide quality of work as high, or higher than other employees. As an employer of formerly incarcerated people, you are not only providing a job, but you are providing stability, purpose and second chances. By implementing purposeful changes, employers will learn how to establish inclusive policies and procedures, be more proactive in hiring diverse populations, partner with social service organizations, support employees as they reintegrate, and understand how legislation impacts their business operations.

Best Practices for Workforce Development Providers Serving Justice-Involved People

Reentry employment trends are shifting. Is your agency up to date with the latest and best practices in workforce development? Has your agency recently expanded to provide services to the reentry population? Whether you’ve been in the field for years or you’ve just arrived, this training can help advance your work! Topics covered will include specifics to program development such as engagement, recruitment, and retention. Service delivery topics will include using appropriate and empowering language, how to talk about a past conviction, and resume writing. Attendees will also learn about probation, parole, and other systems that affect client’s employment pathways.

Current Legislation Impacting the Employment Practices of Justice-Involved People

Hiring laws in many states are changing to become more inclusive and supportive of individuals with criminal convictions. Are you located in a state where Ban the Box laws have passed? Do you wonder how this piece of legislation will affect your business, or the people that you serve? The focus of this training is to educate employers and workforce development providers about how these laws impact your practice. Topics include recruiting and hiring, collateral consequences, occupational licensing, and how workforce development providers match job seekers with open opportunities. Bringing to light unseen barriers, this training will provide tools to mobilize justice-involved people and ensure you are up to date with the latest policies.

Criminal Justice System 101

Did you know that only a tiny percentage of people convicted of a crime experience a jury trial? Do you know the difference between probation and parole? This training will help unpack the intricate layers of the judicial system, incarceration, and community supervision, all through the lens of supporting employment. Additional topics will include how a criminal case makes it way through the court system, the difference between state prisons and county jails, probation and parole and record expungement.

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