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As an employer, you need dependable workers. The Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) offers a full human resources team at no cost to you. We can provide your business with pre-screened candidates who are carefully selected and matched to your specifications.

CEO has a mission and track record you can trust. We have been providing comprehensive employment services to formerly incarcerated men and women for more than 30 years. Since our incorporation in 1996, CEO has made over 25,000 placements with employers like you.


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A diverse pool of qualified candidates

Careful screening and assessment of applicants results in reliable, capable and qualified for private and public-sector companies.

Ongoing customer service

CEO provides your team with the highest degree of customer service,
following up for one year after placement to ensure your satisfaction.

Tax credits

By employing CEO graduates, you become eligible for a variety of tax incentives, as well as the federal bonding program. CEO handles all the paperwork, saving you time and money.

Retention incentives

Participants of CEO’s Rapid Rewards program can earn over $500 in rewards by remaining employed for the year.



  • Donate to support CEO WorksPre-screens and matches talent
  • Donate to support CEO WorksSchedules interviews and referrals
  • Donate to support CEO WorksPrepares tax credit forms
  • Donate to support CEO WorksProvides ongoing customer service


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