Transitional Jobs

Transitional Jobs

CEO operates a large network of work crews, providing maintenance, janitorial and grounds keeping services to both public institutions and private companies. CEO participants work on these crews, supervised by CEO staff, and CEO is the employer of record. CEO’s work crews serve as an employment lab, teaching participants/employees how to work while they perform valuable tasks and earn a pay check. Further, people learn from their experience the workplace behavior employers say they most value in the entry-level workforce. This behavior includes showing up on time, taking direction from a supervisor, being a good co-worker, working hard, and using good communication skills.

At the end of the  shift, CEO puts a paycheck in the hand of each participant. This daily paycheck gives participants well-earned money as they transition from prison to the community and conveys the lesson that work pays.

Along with their paycheck, CEO’s Site Supervisors also evaluate participants on a scale from 1–5 on these behaviors, using the CEO CPS (Company Principles of Success) in the Passport to Success:

  • Cooperation with Supervisor
  • Effort at Work
  • On Time
  • Cooperation with Co-workers
  • Personal Presentation

Throughout the transitional work and job coaching/job placement phases of the program, participants must always carry their Passport to Success books. Site Supervisors evaluate the participants in these books. Job Coaches and Job Developers are then able to review their progress, creating a feedback loop between the field staff and the vocational staff.

Download an example of the Passport to Success book here.