Life Skills Education

Once a week, in our NYC office (and every few weeks in our satellite offices) CEO provides an in-depth orientation for new enrollees. After discussing program requirements and the services offered, our human resources staff begins the process of collecting all of the necessary documentation establishing the participants’ employment eligibility in the United States.

Immediately after the completion of the orientation process, generally the same day, participants are required to begin a consecutive five day life skills training classes. These classes are based upon a customized curriculum that addresses employment essentials. Participants are introduced to and rehearse the skills and behaviors needed to successfully function in the workplace and overcome the stigma of a criminal past.

CEO’s tailored instructional approach relies heavily on interactive and role playing exercises to help build client competence and confidence to go out on interviews and once hired, to retain the job.

These highly interactive job readiness workshops, facilitated by our experienced Life Skills Instructors, teach our participants valuable skills including resume writing techniques, job-searching skills, personal presentation, basics of communication,  how to discuss conviction and criminal history on an interview, and appropriate workplace behavior.

Upon completion of these workshops, participants are ready to graduate and begin working on CEO’s transitional work sites.