Job Placement

When not working on a transitional work site, participants come back to CEO to work on their permanent job search. All enrollees receive one-on-one job coaching with CEO staff to address any gaps in job readiness, including commitment to work, interviewing skills, resolving outside commitments that would prevent full-time work, developing a resume and getting appropriate interview attire. Staff model what is expected of the participants and work closely with them to achieve job readiness status.

Once job ready, participants meet with CEO’s Job Developers. These Developers form relationships with businesses, serving as their free-of-charge employment agency and human resource support provider.

CEO’s Job Developers excel at matching the skills, interests and abilities of program participants with specific needs of employers. Job developers create and sustain relationships with employers who are open to hiring CEO graduates. They know what those employers are looking for in a new hire and find the CEO participants that are the best fit for the job.

CEO has placed participants with hundreds of public and private-sector employers, many of whom have become repeat hirers In addition, past participants have helped identify openings in workplaces appropriate for current enrollees. Some have even become employers of CEO participants themselves.