Program Innovation

CEO has continuously improved its services over multiple decades by piloting new ideas, learning from the outcomes, and adapting accordingly. Whether in program delivery, technology, or procurement practices, CEO is committed to pushing our field forward through creativity and innovation. Some of our current projects include:

Pay for Success (PFS)

In 2014, CEO became one of the first organizations in the U.S. to launch a pay for success project. A partnership between CEO, New York State, and Social Finance, the PFS project leverages $13.5 million in private capital to serve 2,000 formerly incarcerated men and women and New York City and Rochester. Investors in the project receive payments from New York State based on CEO’s successful outcomes in employment and recidivism prevention. In mid-2016, CEO was awarded a pay for success structuring grant from Nonprofit Finance Fund and the federal Social Innovation Fund to explore a second PFS project with Social Finance and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Digital Passport to Success (PTS)

CEO’s Digital PTS is modernizing its existing paper evaluation tool, in which Site Supervisors on CEO transitional work crews provide daily feedback on participant performance. This integrated mobile application for CEO participants and staff moves well beyond performance review, facilitating real-time communication between CEO field staff, office staff, and participants. In addition to streamlining basic CEO functions like transitional work attendance and daily feedback, the Digital PTS will ultimately house online training modules and employment resources.

Constituent Voice (CV)

CEO’s CV initiative is designed to use participant feedback to inform programming across its sites. With CV, participants are asked a series of questions over SMS regarding their experience during various phases of the program. Vocational staff follow-up on these responses individually during regular meetings. CEO has reached over 650 participants via SMS surveys and over 75 participants via focus groups, and already made several program adaptations based on their feedback.

Connections to Care (C2C)

In 2015, CEO received a Social Innovation Fund grant from the Mayor’s Fund for New York City to partner with The Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services (CASES) to increase access to mental health treatment for participants. The project embeds a CASES Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) at CEO’s program headquarters and builds the knowledge and capacity of CEO’s front-line staff to address mental health issues. The on-site LCSW introduces available services and oversees the self-administration of mental health and substance use screenings for 2,000 participants each year. From these initial screenings, the LCSW follows up with participants for one-to-one private assessment and composes a care plan to address their individual mental health needs. 

Economic Opportunity (EO) Initiative

CEO began developing its EO initiative in early 2016, focusing on supporting the long-term financial stability of participants and their families. The EO initiative takes a research-driven approach to developing skills training modules that lead to career pathways and improved financial empowerment. The EO team is currently researching practices and partnerships to best meet the needs and objectives of participants and will launch EO services in late 2016.