CEO Alum Pens Op-Ed in the SF Chronicle

“A door back into society”

“When I was 15 years old, I was arrested for a gang-related offense. I was tried as an adult, convicted and sent to prison to serve a 15-year-to-life sentence. I went in a child and came out a man when I was a paroled at age 33 — a man who recognized the error of his ways and was committed to starting a new life.” So writes CEO graduate Michael Mendoza in the December 25, 2016 issue of the San Francisco Chroniclein an editorial titled “A door back into society.”

“I celebrated every paycheck.”

Mendoza says CEO has been a critical part of his success after prison. He continues, “Together, my case manager and I celebrated every paycheck. We tailored a plan…I was able to get a job [with] a national furniture chain. After only three months, I was promoted to supervisor and was soon able to rent my own apartment and live independently. Now, I am working toward my bachelor’s degree.”

ANYONE with a recent criminal history…

CEO has an organizational vision: that anyone with a recent criminal history who wants to work has the preparation and support needed to find a job and to stay connected to the labor force. Notably, Mendoza concludes his editorial with a similar sentiment: “I went from a life sentence to a life with a future, and that’s an opportunity many more people deserve that will benefit all of us.”

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