Robert Crain

Los Angeles, California

“Life before CEO was 12 years of prison—I was 16 when I went in. When I got out, I landed an internship at the Anti-Recidivism Coalition, but I didn’t have a job outside of that … When I started on a CEO crew, I was doing beach clean-up. It was tough work, walking up and down the wet sand in boots, but I got to see the ocean again after so many years. Now I work for CEO as a job coach. The relationships I develop with participants are super unique. I think I always see a piece of my struggle in their struggle, so I’m always reminded to give back some of the things I’ve been taught. And there’s this glow that some participants have when they come into the office; I can only chalk it up to self-determination and a renewed look at how to survive life without old habits and old thought processes. CEO—the staff and the participants—really live by the model ‘Change that works.’”