CEO Training

CEO offers pre-placement training for all of our Participants in New York City. Our training opportunities are short effective training programs that teach usable entry-level skills to our job-seekers. Participants in our training programs all receive Certifications of Completion per training opportunity. This gives our Job Coaches and Job Developers another skill to market our participants to potential employers. CEO Training Opportunities help build foundations for careers and that’s change that works.

Our Catalog of Pre-Placement Trainings have included the following:

Computer Training

The Computer Training Program is an intense 35hour course designed to teach entry level skills to New Users or Current Users looking to improve their working knowledge of basic computer functions. Topics discussed are the following: Introduction to Windows Operating System, Typing, Data Entry, Web Research, Email Set up / Functions, Basic Excel, Basic Word, Online Tutorials and Basic PowerPoint.

Scaffold Training

This training program will focus on supported scaffolds and provide important information to help keep you safe. A supported scaffold is an elevated, temporary work platform(s) supported by rigid, load-bearing members, such as poles, posts, uprights, legs, frames and outriggers.

OSHA 10 Hour

The 10-hour Construction Industry Outreach Training Program is intended to provide entry-level construction workers general awareness on recognizing and preventing hazards on a construction site.

Warehouse / Forklift Training

We facilitate an industry standard curriculum that, upon successful completion, yields workers who have the safety knowledge required and relevant practices necessary to be an asset in any warehouse environment. The training also includes Forklift Training using our own Forklift (Electric Sit-Down Rider). We teach basic operations on a forklift from PIV (Powered Industrial Vehicle).

Sanitation Training Program

The Sanitation Training Program is a physically demanding program that delivers a comprehensive training for entry level positions in Waste Management.


Participants interested in any of these training opportunities should speak with their Job Coach or Job Developer or contact the Training Coordinator, Alberto Gutierrez (212 422 4430 x364 or agutierrez[at]ceoworks[dot]org) for eligibility and enrollment.