CEO Model

CEO’s program model helps people coming home from prison enter the workforce. The model helps achieve these goals by providing life skill educationshort-term paid transitional employmentfull-time job placement and post-placement services. Addressing the employment needs of people with criminal convictions through the CEO model makes them less likely to become re-incarcerated and more likely to build a foundation for a stable, productive life for themselves and their families.

Life Skills Education

Life Skills Education—addressing behavioral and skills gaps related to finding and keeping a job and how to answer specific employer questions about past convictions.

Transitional Jobs

Transitional Jobs—providing immediate work (daily paycheck) as well as a work environment from which to evaluate participants’ ability to be on time, communicate and be productive.

Placement Services

Placement Services—providing assistance securing unsubsidized employment with appropriate private and public sector employers based on an participant assessment and skill levels.

Post Placement

Post Placement Services—offering ongoing support and incentives to encourage participants to remain employed as well as assistance with job upgrades or job replacement in the event of a layoff or other circumstance.